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Chandon produces golden parcels of fruit for still and sparkling wines

Vineyard - Cool and Collected

Chandon’s vineyards sparkle with fruit that flourishes in cool climates under the watchful eye of our viticultural leaders. From the revered Green Point Vineyard in the Yarra Valley and our site nestled in the Strathbogie Ranges to our most recent venture in the King Valley, Chandon’s vineyards yield premium fruit with all levels of intensity and concentration.


The heart of Chandon beats brightly in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. As one of Australia’s viticultural heroes, its timeline dates back to the 1800s and peaks poignantly in the 1960s when a second generation of producers was stirred by its promising terroir. 

So what piqued their interest? Let’s start from the ground up, where rich loamy soils nurture our sparkling stars Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, among other varieties. The Yarra vines bear fruit in the warm afternoon sun, sway in mild zephyrs from the Southern Ocean and take a cool breather in the evenings, when flavour concentration rises. 


Chandon’s original Green Point Vineyard perches 100m above sea level in the lower Yarra Valley slopes. Years later, we placed roots in Victoria’s Strathbogie Ranges with a vineyard that sits 700m above sea level and produces vibrant fruit with intense flavours. In 2014, Chandon ventured into Victoria’s King Valley where we acquired the Whitlands Vineyard, one of Victoria’s highest and coolest at an elevation of 800m. 

Sourcing fruit from a liquorice all-sorts of microclimates is how Chandon plays its part in producing elegant, regional expressions. We work with an ensemble of more than 40 grape growers in the Yarra Valley and reaching into Australia’s finest cool-climate sites. 

Méthode Traditionnelle Masters

We create still wines of elegance and finesse and sparkling drops using the time-honoured méthode traditionnelle. 

What is méthode traditionnelle, you ask? The alchemy of bubbles. Centuries ago, the practice ripened in France’s Champagne region, where the grape juice underwent two separate fermentations – one in barrel, the second in bottle, producing exceptionally fine, tiny bubbles. Fait accompli. 

Sparkle Brightly

Just like that, Chandon’s sparkling wines are aged in bottles for a minimum of 12 months, a process that adds layers of complexity and texture to the wine. Chandon’s méthode traditionnelle wines are fashioned solely from Chardonnay, Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier varieties, each imparting classic varietal flavours, delicacy and sophistication.

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