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When France meets Australia JOIN US ON THE sparkling JOURNEY

Chandon dreams big




Chandon flies the flag as the only Australian sparkling specialists with genuine French heritage.

In 1959, our founder Robert-Jean de Vogüé and his oenologist Renaud Poirier took the road less travelled to Mendoza, Argentina, and collaborated with local winemakers to apply Champagne expertise to local varieties. What resulted was the first of many connections, which saw Chandon craft sparkling expressions from New World terroir.

In 1973, an unexpected meeting of minds occurred between our founder Robert-Jean de Vogüé and Californian entrepreneur John Wright – they shared a vision for exploring new horizons and those pursuits gave rise to an inspiring estate in the Napa Valley, which now crafts exceptional wines with a Californian character.




During the mid-1980s, in a flash of serendipity, a team of Chandon’s wine whisperers struck gold at Green Point, an old dairy farm in Victoria’s Yarra Valley. The cool climate and great soil combined to make a picture-perfect home for Domaine Chandon. Since 1986, this is where Australia’s leading méthode traditionnelle producer has been confidently crafting sparkling and still wines that are stamped with the distinct style that is Chandon.

Chandon’s spirit of possibility continues to burn brightly, unlocking the potential for wine production in India and China, and believing in the promise of possibility – beautiful surprises are just around the corner.

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