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A voracious love for our cool corner of the earth and a collective experience as wide as it is long combine to inspire our team every day

Senior Winemaker

Dan Buckle

Dan captains the Chandon ship with poise and aplomb – his attention to detail is on show in every sip of a Chandon wine. 

Is there beauty in wine? Dan Buckle believes so. One of his chief tasks as Chandon’s Senior Winemaker is to conjure beauty in the bottle – wine has to be delicious. Simple as that. The importance of blending is paramount, and he draws on the traditions of Chandon’s esteemed French heritage to achieve this poise and elegance.

Dionysus is in Dan’s blood, beginning with his father's own vineyard on the Mornington Peninsula where he roped in Dan to plant, prune and pick throughout his teenage years, and beyond. Dan jumped into the wine retail market, then studied for a Bachelor of Applied Science in Wine. It’s a tale of wanderlust from there, moving between vintages in Bordeaux, Burgundy and Champagne, and time spent at Coldstream Hills, Yering Station and Mount Langi Ghiran. 

Sip on a Chandon wine, guided by Dan’s meticulous hand, and expect distinctive Chandon charisma, with a serve of the unexpected on the side.

The importance of blending is paramount, and Dan draws on a rich array of vineyards to achieve this poise and elegance.



Glenn guides the sparkling production at Chandon after a career spent studying the nuances of cool-climate zones.

As Chandon’s Sparkling Winemaker, Glenn’s responsibility sits not only in the house of bubbles, but across the entire Chandon portfolio, assisting as a core member of the winemaking team. 

Glenn’s interest in the wine game was piqued in his role as restaurant manager many moons ago. His timeline looks a little like this: fine wine retail, Bass Phillip Wines, followed by a four-year spell at De Bortoli in the Yarra Valley, before joining the team at Chandon as Operations Winemaker in 2005, completing his winemaking studies the same year. That’s one steep curve in a very short time frame.

It doesn’t stop there. In 2007, Glenn was promoted to the position of winemaker and in 2008 Glenn took a leading role in all winemaking at Chandon. Santé!

It's all in the details, at every moment in the winemaking process we finesse and fine tune.


Adam Keath

Quality is foremost in Adam’s mind as winemaker across both still and sparkling production at Chandon.

Adam brings a love of wine that was ignited during a spell of study and work in hospitality and restaurant management. Brimful of enthusiasm, Adam was welcomed to the Chandon fold in 2002 when he worked his first vintage as cellar hand.  

Since then, a brief interlude saw Adam dip his toes into the wine game at Scotchman’s Hill, on Victoria’s Bellarine Peninsula, but a short time later Adam returned to Chandon for the 2003 vintage and has remained firmly attached ever since. Further wine study and a rigorous vintage at Margaret River’s Cape Mentelle have drawn more runs on the board and a recharged focus on commitment and quality, elevating Adam to the position of Chandon’s Winemaker in 2008, which comes with the responsibility for production across both still and sparkling wines.

I live and breathe the Yarra Valley region - it's a privilege to draw on such spectacularly beautiful resources.



Viticulture is Daniel’s second name – he masterminds the evolution of Chandon’s vineyards and pursues the best fruit on offer in Australia’s coolest climates.

Daniel’s confessions as a wine lover begin with a visit to his grandparents’ vineyard near Trieste in Italy. He was 10 years old and wine at the table was a very ordinary, very Mediterranean sight. His interest in viticulture was duly sparked and the rest, as they say, is le histoire

After a brief career in media, Daniel completed a Bachelor of Applied Science in Horticulture and a Graduate Diploma of Applied Science. The Yarra Valley holds an attraction for Daniel, given his entire viticultural career plays out on this cool-climate stage. In 2007, Daniel joined Chandon and has since guided the expansion of the company’s vineyards, while hunting for premium fruit in the coolest regions of Victoria and Tasmania. 

What floats Daniel’s vinous boat? The impact region and vintage have on wine style, and their importance in blending. And a devotion to the sport of cycling sees Daniel compete in mountain bike marathons, culminating in a moderate intake of sparkling wine to aid in his recovery.

There is endless fascination in the delicate differences between each vineyard.

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